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How does it work?


The basic principal behind an engine ignition system is to provide a spark to ignite the fuel/air mixture. This spark must be produced at the correct moment in time to ensure maximum performance without damaging the engine. SpeedSpark's type of Capacitive Discharge Ignition system works by having a capacitor that is charged up to a high voltage. Following this a switch is closed at the right instance discharging the stored energy into to the ignition coil. As the energy flows into the ignition coil it induces a very high voltage due to transformer action and it is this voltage which provides spark. This process can occur up to 250 times a second so accuracy and speed is important. SpeedSpark ignitions are microprocessor controlled for maximum accuracy and flexibility. The system is capable of storing over 100 ignition firing angles to an accuracy of 0.25 which enables an ignition curve to be developed to best suit the particular characteristics of your engine. More details...

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SpeedSpark CDI2S is suitable for single cylinder machines. The system has been designed to give the ability to set the ignition angle every 120RPM (1200 to 15,000).
The SpeedSpark CDI2S system also incorporates voltage inverter technology to boost the 12V nominal battery voltage to 250+ volts. This produces a hotter more intense spark, which is particularly useful on 2-stroke engines.